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Bianco Pighes white A1

Pighes White (Branco Pigues - Kyknos A1) is a white marble with grey clouds or small veins. The quarry located close to the city Drama, a small city about 150 km far away from Thessaloniki and 650 km from Athens, the capital of Greece.


It is a very famous marble worldwide because of its nice white color in combination with its very good prices in comparison with other similar.


This marble can be divided in the following color categories Pighes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5.

These categories stem from the purity of the white background, for example at the high classes there are less grey veins, lines or other spots. A1 is the best and more expensive category and A5 is the cheaper and lowest.


Nowadays, this marble was exported in large quantities in all-developing countries, like Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and more countries and used in large projects such as hotels, public buildings etc.


Our company supply Bianco Pighes White (Branco Pigues - Kyknos)marble in various shapes like slabs, tiles and cut to sizes, columns, balustrades, free lenght steps, walling and more shapes.

Avarage slab dimensions 255-270 x 145-180 cm by 2 or 3 cm stantard thickness. We can produce also bigger thickness on demand.


Especially in tiles we could provide you immediate our stantard sizes 60x60x2 , 60x30x2 and 30x30x2 cm and on demand we can produce sizes like 80x80, 90x90, 100x100 x 2cm and bigger sizes.


Designstone produces also many surfaces like Polished, Honed, Antique, Sandblusted, Flamed, Bush hammered, Split face and more


Some of Pighes White advantages are: Very famous marble, Nice white colour, Easy to order big quantities, Resistant to outdoor use


Other commercial names for this marble: Pighes White, Bianco Pighes, Bianco Kyknos, Branco Pighes, Branco Kyknos, Branco Pigues


Mineralogical Composition: Calcite 7.5%, Dolomite 92.5%

Technical Chararacteristics: Volumetric Weight (gr/cm3) 2.83, Coefficient of absorption (%) 0.2, Flexure Strength (MPa) 12.25, Compression strength (MPa) 132.25


Quarry location


Location on map


Pighes white quarries located in Drama perfecture in the northeast of Greece.

At the foot of Falakro Mount are over than 20 active quarries extracting some worldwide famous marbles as Pighes white, Kyknos, Volakas, Golden Spider, Granitis, Pirgon and more white marbles


Evaluation of Pighes White (Kyknos) in various uses:

Pighes White/ Branco Pigues Kyknos Greek marble uses            Very Good        Good     Not Good    
Kitchen top/ Bathroom countertops   V  
Stairs V    
Floor - Tiles V    
Windows sills / Exterior wall cladding V         


Important Note: Τhe mineralogical composition and technical characteristics lists for your information only, we do not have direct certification by competent bodies, but we collect that by various sources related with natural stones. The advantages and the evaluation comes from the views of our technicians. The image Prefectures of Greece is file from Wikimedia Commons


FAQs for Pighes White (Branco Pigues - Kyknos A1)
Why choose Pighes white marble ?
1) Very nice white color
2) Nice Price (Value for Money)
3) Easy to order big quantities
4) Available in all shapes (Blocks, Tiles, Slabs, Cut to sizes)
5) Resistance for outdoor uses 
What are the Available shapes  for Pighes White (Kyknos)?
Pighes White (Kyknos) is available in the below shapes
1) Blocks. Average dimensions 230-290 x 130-180 x 130-180cm 
2) Slabs. Polished or unpolished, brushed and more surfaces... Thickness 2 & 3cm  Average dimensions 255-270 x 145-180
3) Tiles. Polished or unpolished, brushed and more surfaces... Thickness 2cm. Dimensions 60x30, 60x60, 80x80, 100x100 and more
4) Cut to sizes. We can cut in what dimensions the customers wants
What are the Selections (Colour Categories) for Pighes White marble (Kyknos)?
We produce 4 selections for Pighes white (Kyknos). The below selections stem from the purity of the white background. A1 is the best (less spots, veins etc) and Eco the lowest. Between these 2 categories are the A2 & A3.
What are the uses of Pighes White marble (Kyknos)?
1. Floors
2. Stairs
3. Kitchen and Bathroom tops
4. Wall Clading
5. Window sills and more...
What are the packaging ways for export?
The packaging is depend of the shape and the delivery place. For container loading we use the wooden crates like the photos above for slabs and for tiles we use wooden boxes as the below photo
Greek marble Pighes Ariston white
How to buy Pighes white marble (Kyknos)?
Designstonegroup is the best Greek company to buy Pighes White (Kyknos)
Just contact us using the contact form or contact via Skype Chris.designstonegroup
Why Designstonegroup ?
1. 100% exporting company
2. Quick response
3. High quality services
4. Best quality marbles
5. Best prices 
6. Combinatorial loading with other Greek marbles and more like Volakas, Branco Sivec, Thassos, Polaris, Vratza beige limestone, Prinos white .....


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