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Bianco Sivec white marble tiles

Designstone produce Sivec marble in various sizes of tiles like 60x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm, 80x80x2cm, 100x100x2cm and more sizes.

Our standard production is Sivec marble 60x60x2cm and 60x30x2cm. The other sizes mentioned above produced on order.

We produce Sivec marble tiles in standard polished surface but we produce also various surface like honed, brushed, antique, bush hammered, flamed, split face and many surfaces on order.

The standard packaging for Bianco Sivec marble for container or truck load  is wooden boxes with the below information

for Sivec marble tiles 2cm thickness 60x60 or 60x30

Quantity 18 sqm

Weight 1100kgs

for Sivec marble tiles 3cm thickness 60x60 or 60x30

Quantity 12 sqm

Weight 1100kgs

for other dimensions and thickness please contact us 

See the packaging way in below photo

Sivec marble tiles image


FAQs for Bianco Sivec white marble
Why choose Sivec white marble ?
1) Very nice white color
2) Nice Price (Value for Money)
3) Easy to order big quantities
4) Available in all shapes (Blocks, Tiles, Slabs, Cut to sizes)
5) Resistance for outdoor uses 
What are the Available shapes  for Sivec white marble?
Sivec is available in the below shapes
1) Blocks. Average dimensions 220-290 x 130-180 x 130-180cm 
2) Slabs. Polished or unpolished, brushed and more surfaces... Thickness 2 & 3cm  Average dimensions 220-290 x 130-180 
3) Tiles. Polished or unpolished, brushed and more surfaces... Thickness 2cm. Dimensions 60x30, 60x60, 80x80, 100x100 and more
4) Cut to sizes. We can cut in what dimensions the customers wants
What are the Selections (Colour Categories) for Sivec white marble?
We produce 3 selections for Bianco Sivec white marble. The selections stem from the purity of the white background. Pa is the best (less spots, veins etc) and Cd the lowest., between these categories is the Pb category.
What are the uses of Sivec white marbles?
1. Floors
2. Stairs
3. Kitchen and Bathroom tops
4. Wall Clading
5. Window sills and more...
What are the packaging ways for export?
The packaging is depend of the shape and the delivery place. For container loading we use the wooden crates like the photos above for slabs and for tiles we use wooden boxes as the below photo


How to buy Bianco Sivec white marble?
Designstonegroup is the best Greek company to buy Sivec marble
Just contact us using the contact form 
Why Designstonegroup ?
1. 100% exporting company
2. Quick response
3. High quality services
4. Best quality marbles
5. Best prices 
6. Combinatorial loading with other Greek marbles and more like Bianco Pighes, Bianco Kyknos, Branco Volakas, Branco Thassos,  Bianco Polaris, Vratza beige limestone, Branco Prinos .....
Additional Names:  Bianco Sevic International Stone, Bianco Sivec, Bianco Sivec Extra, Branco Makedonski Sivec, Marmol Blanco Sivec, Branco Sivec, Sivec Bianco, Sivec White, Blanco White Sivec, Sivec White A2 Branco Group, Blanco Sivec White P1, Bianco Sivec White A, Sivec White AB, Branco Drama, Blanco
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