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Adria Grey

Adria Grey is a grey limestone from Albania also known as Olive Green or Olive Grey, Med Green, Draco Tefra, etc.


Adria Grey has been used with great success in many projects around the world and it gained a very good reputation to consultants, architects and designers due to its perfect behavior in the pass of time.


Nowadays, Adria Grey is exported in large quantities in all developing countries as it can be used in large projects both for walls and floors inside and outside.


Our company produces Adria Grey in various shapes like slabs, tiles and cut to size using any possible surface treatment like unpolished, polished, brushed, sand blasted, etc.


The Average block dimension of this stone is about 250x120x120 cm


Evaluation of Adria Grey in various uses:

Adria Grey also known as Olive Green or Olive Grey, Med Green, Draco Tefra

Very Good


Not Good

Kitchen top/ Bathroom countertops








Floor - Tiles




Windows sills / Exterior wall cladding






Important Note: Τhe evaluation data mentioned here aboveare for your information only. We do not have direct certification by competent bodies, but we collect that by various sources related with natural stones. The advantages and the evaluation comes from the views of our technicians.


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